Insurance Planning

Insurance planning can be a bewildering and stressful process resulting in uncertainty and inaction. Given the panoply of types of life insurance and long term care coverages available, many of us feel ill-equipped to make an intelligent decision on what kind and how much insurance we should have.

Our careful and comprehensive analytical process will help you clarify your needs, understand the options and select the coverages that are right for you, both now and in your future. We will also conduct a thorough analysis of your existing policies to make sure they are meeting your needs at the best possible value. Should your coverages need an upgrade, we’ll assist you with an independent evaluation of improvement options. 

The CWM team delivers an impartial review, analysis and recommendations as a result of our independent position; we are not directly associated with any insurance company.  This independence enables our team to be completely impartial with respect to our client’s insurance needs and planning. 

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