Financial Planning

Investment Planning

Always striving to deliver optimal planning value to our clients, we develop a custom tailored and broadly comprehensive wealth plan. The plan is based upon in-depth client interview sessions and innovative state-of-the-art analysis tools. Once we agree upon strategies outlined in the plan, we implement the plan: coordinating the client's assets through direct access to the assigned Advisory team and online/mobile platforms. Direct meetings and communications may include the client's extended family as appropriate. The development and successful implementation of a comprehensive wealth plan involves a multitude of diverse components and an accessible, talented team of skilled professionals. The Counsel Wealth Management planning process has developed over more than 30 years in business. Our team utilizes a detailed planning process that has evolved and meticulously developed over the past three decades. All of the following components may be involved when we help our clients build a sustainable wealth management plan:

Retirement Planning

We act as retirement coaches, doing our best to ready clients for retirement and to be at their side throughout their retirement years.

  • Retirement Coach Program – Train clients for the financial and lifestyle challenges and opportunities of retirement
  • State-of-the-art software and analysis tools - Simulate a multitude of realistic retirement income scenarios
  • Evolving income and health circumstance – Income plan with clients throughout retirement to maintain their desired lifestyle

Estate Planning

Our goal is to help our clients pass the assets they've worked their entire lives to accumulate on to their children while maximizing their charitable intent and minimizing complexity and tax impact.

  • Estate Planning Team – Partner with client’s advisors or utilize our team of estate planning attorneys
  • Estate Planning Documents - Develop a new plan, or update existing documents
  • Estate Plan Coordination – Assist with retitling assets and updating beneficiary designations
  • Family Meetings – Arrange and conduct sessions with key family member groups for cross-generational understanding of the overall plan

Tax Planning

Our goal is to make clients aware of the tax consequences of their financial decisions and select actions with the most advantageous short- and long-term results. 

  • Tax Planning Team – Partner with client’s tax planners or utilize our network of CPA’s
  • Income and Asset Management – Income plans and investment models are designed to maximize tax advantages

Insurance Planning

We assist our clients in assuring they have the proper insurance coverage needed to execute their Wealth Plan.  As independent advisors, we survey the entire market to select the best available options to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Life Insurance – Analyze how much insurance is needed, recommend what kind to purchase, and determine how long to maintain the coverage
  • Long Term Care Insurance – Determine the potential needs and analyze the available coverage options