Investment Objective:
Capital Appreciation

Minimum Account:

Type of Account:

Holding Types:
Individual Stocks — May also hold ETFs and Mutual Funds

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The Dividend Growth Stock Portfolio is a managed brokerage account strategy that invests primarily in the individual stocks of companies that have a proven history of paying and growing dividends.


The strategy screens potential portfolio holdings according to various fundamental analysis criteria. We start with looking for companies that have consistently paid and grown their dividends.

After identifying potential stocks for inclusion in the portfolio, we further filter and rank those stocks based on various valuation metrics, such as P/E ratio and Price-to-Fair Value. We also utilize technical analysis to monitor the trend status of the stock price.

We monitor the ongoing results of the dividends paid, and will employ a disciplined sell strategy in an event such as a company missing or reducing a dividend.

The portfolio is continuously monitored and reconstituted at least annually.