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Total Return

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ETFs & Mutual Funds

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The Core & Explore Portfolio is a managed brokerage account strategy with the objective to achieve Total Return by utilizing a strategic asset allocation strategy, with a tactical management overlay.


  • Strategic Core — The Core portion of the strategy is a globally diversified asset allocation utilizing best-in-class fund managers, as well as efficient ETFs. This will comprise 80% of the portfolio.

  • Tactical Explore — The Explore portion of the strategy is tactically managed, considering current market trends and conditions. We may use this part of the strategy in an effort to capitalize on opportunities, or we may position these holdings to protect capital in weak markets. This will comprise 20% of the portfolio.

  • Dynamic Asset Allocation—Distinct risk tolerance versions of Core & Explore range from “Growth” to “Conservative”. Each one has a dynamic asset allocation that will vary based on our view of market trends and conditions.

    Model A—Growth: Stock/Bond range of 85/15 to 70/30
    Model B—Moderate: Stock/Bond range of 70/30 to 50/50
    Model C—Conservative: Stock/Bond range of 60/40 to 40/60