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Total Return

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Holding Types:
ETFs and Mutual Funds

Counsel Wealth Management, Inc.
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The Counsel Allocation Portfolio is a managed brokerage account strategy with the objective to achieve Total Return by utilizing a tactical asset allocation strategy. Our goal is to participate in advancing markets and protect principal in declining markets.


  • Market Indicators — We monitor and index numerous technical analysis and market sentiment indicators. We use this information to determine the portion of the portfolio to be invested in equities and the amount to be invested defensively in cash and fixed income.

  • Asset Allocation — We apply asset allocation to both the equity and defensive portions of the strategy. We utilize a broad array of asset classes, which may include domestic stocks, international stocks, bonds, commodities, and liquid alternative strategies.

  • Active Management — The CWM Investment Committee meets multiple times per week to monitor the Market Indicators, evaluate and compare adjustments within a variety of models (prescribed resources) and make adjustments as necessary. The result is a dynamic asset allocation that may be 100% in equities, 100% in cash, or anywhere in between.